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Leading the industry within the UK, EEI has a wealth of MQ-9 Reaper, Watchkeeper and Hermes-450 experience capable of delivering world class synthetic and live RPAS/UAS training.

Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) Training

All EEI MALE RPAS instructors hold prestigious qualifications gained during their extensive careers within the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, including: Qualified Weapons Instructors (QWI), A2 Qualified Flying Instructors (QFI), A2 Qualified Rear crew Instructors (QRI), QWI (ISR) and newly accredited Qualified Synthetic Instructors (QSI). Collectively the company boasts thousands of hours of unmanned air system instruction and operation which is further supplemented by thousands of hours of traditional aviation, culminating in high levels of experience, qualification, competency, and currency. As the only company within the UK able to boast such training credentials within the unmanned market space we are uniquely able to design high-end training for UAS/RPAS operators.

EEI are proud to be a long standing training partner for the Royal Air Force MQ-9 Reaper Force (RF) delivering synthetic training support to the front line under a sub-contract with Meta Mission Data (MMD). EEI provides MQ-9 Pilot, Sensor Operator, Mission Intelligence Coordinator Instructors and specialist White Force support for the UK RF simulator based at RAF Waddington. The contract also includes scenario development and training design to ensure immersive whole crew training is available on demand for the UK RF.

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Your Expert Trainers

  • Dom Smith, Director of Operations

    2000 operational flying hours on MQ-9 Reaper. One of only three MQ-9 Qualified Weapons Instructors (QWI) available in industry, Dom has in-depth expertise in BVLOS UAS operations. He has recently been accredited as an MQ-9 Civilian Flying Instructor by the Royal Air Force Central Flying School.

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  • Alex Kasperczyk, Director of Business Development

    More than 7yrs MQ-9 Reaper operating and instructional experience, amassing in excess of 2000hrs. One of only three MQ-9 Qualified Weapons Instructors (QWI) available in Industry, Alex brings in-depth expertise in the planning and delivery of UAS operations, spanning the tactical and strategic domains. In addition, he also has Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test and Evaluation experience.

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  • Dave Blackburn, MQ-9 Chief Pilot Instructor

    A Royal Air Force Central Flying School Accredited Qualified Flying Instructor. He is a former STANEVAL pilot for the UK MQ-9 Reaper Force with over 2000 operational flying hours on the MQ-9 platform.


  • Mike ‘Ronnie’ Rendall, MQ-9 Sensor Operator Instructor

    An A2 instructor and ETPS Evaluator Aircrew, Ronnie has 30 years aviation experience in the Royal Navy. over 4000 rotary hours in both the ASW and Support Helicopter Role along with 1200 Operational hours on the MQ-9 Reaper.  He has vast instructional experience and joined EEI in 2020 from a test and evaluation background.

  • Ian Newbold, MQ-9 Instructor Mission Intelligence Coordinator (IMIC)

    A former Royal Air Force MQ-9 Mission Intelligence Coordinator Instructor with over 500 operational flying hours. He is a subject matter expert in the exploitation of Full Motion Video imagery to provide real-time analysis.

  • Al Jones, MQ-9 Instructor Mission Intelligence Coordinator (IMIC)

    26 years’ experience, as an Intelligence Analyst specialising in the field of signals intelligence. Al spent almost a decade as a Senior Mission Intelligence Coordinator on the Royal Air Force MQ-9 Reaper Force before joining EEI in 2020.

  • Pete Towill, Head of Consultancy

    Served for 18 years in the Royal Air Force with over 3300 flying hours on Griffin, Merlin and MQ-9 Reaper platforms. A former Merlin training captain, he is also an experienced MQ-9 Launch and Recovery Element pilot and commander.

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