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There is no doubt that UAS have revolutionised Emergency Services operations and are routinely used daily by Police Forces, assisting in the Search And Rescue (SAR) of vulnerable persons, intelligence gathering, securing of evidence, collision investigation & denying criminal activity.

Eagle Eye Innovations, Remote Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA) Instructors are all Ex-Military or Emergency Services personnel and have vast experience in both manned and unmanned aircraft. RUSTA have trained 100s of Emergency Services Personnel from numerous Police forces and Fire Rescue Services.


Unmanned Aircraft within a policing environment offer a quickly deployable, cost efficient alternative, freeing up manned aviation assets to focus on long duration, extended distance tasks. UAS offer a unique view from above and offer commanders a real-time view of incidents as they evolve. Officers on the ground are able to use UAS to assist in cordon security and to view in real-time areas that would be otherwise inaccessible or dangerous for Police officers to access. UAS offer both increased Situational Awareness and improved officer safety.

The RUSTA team have first-hand experience of police drone operations, although all RUSTA courses are delivered to a CAA approved syllabus, the classroom theory content is made relevant with lessons referencing real-life scenarios and is relevant for Counter Terrorist Police, Specialist Fire Arms Officers, Response officers and various police staff roles including departments such as Serious Collision Investigation Unit. Additionally, RUSTA courses include a thorough introduction in to the ORS4 1233 Emergency Services Exemptions. At the end of the theory training the candidate will sit a CAA approved theory test requiring a minimum 75% pass mark.

Through RUSTA we currently provide training to over a quarter of the UK’s Police Forces and are able to provide real world, first-hand experience of Police UAS employment.


Fire Rescue Services & USAR

UAS usage within Fire Rescue Services & USAR continue to grow and offer benefits in fighting fires, helping to identify thermal hot spots, and monitor HAZMAT risks as well as Urban Search & Rescue.



The flying phase of the training can be carried out on your own UAS or on RUSTA’S supplied industry standard multirotor aircraft. The flying syllabus covers all the mandated elements required by the CAA and utilises a structured approach starting with multiple Air Handling exercises, Emergency Procedures and Mission Elements, with scenarios covering Intelligence, Surveillance & Recognisance (ISR) exercises. All training follows a systematic process with key learning objectives and ongoing assessment ending with a CAA Flight Assessment. On achieving the required standard, the candidate will be issued the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) and the General Visual Line Of Sight Certificate (GVC).

RUSTA’S key differentiator is that “we don’t just train to a compliant standard, we train our candidates to a high operational standard”.

Your Expert Trainers

  • Kev Taylor, Head of Academy

    Subject Matter Expert Flight Instructor & Flight Assessor of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Specialist in the training of Military and Emergency Services personnel. He has more than 500 UAS flying hours in addition to over 1500 hours of manned flying experience and is one of the most experienced emergency services UAS operators within the UK.

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  • Ian Galloway MBE, Security and Force Protection Specialist

    A former RAF Regiment Warrant Officer with 35 years military experience. Ian is a specialist in the use of sUAS within the military Force Protection and Security sector. He was instrumental in the integration of sUAS within Military Segregated airspace at all RAF Main Operating Bases within the UK. He has in-depth expertise regarding the Military Aviation Authority requirements for RA 1600 Series to operate sUAS.

  • Tim Mitchell, EEI Force Protection SME

    Former Senior Operator for sUAS within the Royal Air Force. He has a depth of experience in coordinating drone operations within controlled and uncontrolled airspace. A subject matter expert in the use of sUAS within the military Force Protection and Security sector.

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