Training Overview

At EEI we are unique in our ability to offer training on all types of UAS. From sub 25kg systems to MALE platforms, EEI can support your training requirements.

With thousands of pilots trained EEI has established itself as the UK’s leading UAS training provider with the most qualified and experienced UAS instructors in the world.

DRONE/SUB 25kgs training

Our Remote Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA) is the training arm of the company that helps you navigate the rules and regulations of formal drone (UAS) training.

As the longest running unmanned training academy in the United Kingdom, we have the reputation, experience, and qualifications to get operators trained to the highest standard achievable.

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UAS/above 25kgs training

Want to learn how to operate an aircraft above 25 kgs? Let RUSTA help start your journey.

Offering a bespoke training service for larger aircraft RUSTA can provide a solution based on years of operating and instructing on larger UAS platforms.

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RAF Reaper Drone


Leading the industry within the UK, EEI has a wealth of MQ-9 Reaper, Watchkeeper, and Hermes-450 experience capable of delivering world-class synthetic and live RPAS/UAS training.

We provide simulator instructional support to front-line RAF MQ-9 Reaper crews. EEI provides MQ-9 instructors, scenario development, and White Force support.


military drone training

We are the UK’s leading training providers. We provide DSAT training in accordance with RA1600 nationwide to all elements of the Ministry of Defence.

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emergency services drone training

Delivering to more Police and Emergency Forces in the UK than any other training entity EEI/RUSTA has been the go to training provider for blue light services since 2015.

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Bespoke Training

If your company or organisation are looking to adopt the use of UAS as part of your day-to-day business we can help.

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rusta alumni

The RUSTA Alumni is an organisation created to provide benefits and support services to RUSTA graduates. 

There are many advantages in joining the Alumni: – 

  • Continuous support, including Ops Manual support at renewal 
  • Quarterly News Letter 
  • Free access to RUSTA networking events 
  • Concessions on RUSTA services 

Contact us today to learn about membership options. 

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Contact the EEI team where can advise you on the right training for you or your organisation.

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