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Eagle Eye Innovations recognises the Security challenges currently faced by organisations around the globe. Threats posed by advancements in ground and UAS technology are increasingly affecting the ability to secure and protect high value and vulnerable assets. EEI Asset Protection Solutions (APS) can provide an extensive and adaptable solution, utilising organic ground and Unmanned Air System (UAS) platforms combined with other sensors to achieve your asset protection goals and objectives. Our aim is to directly support your need to protect your vulnerable assets and personnel.

ASSET protection sOLUTIONS

EEI utilises Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support and develop existing security solutions, with the use of sustainable organic air and ground solutions. Enhancing security to vulnerable assets by early identification of risks and threats posed to operations by increasing Situational Awareness (SA).

Use of UAS capability is required to mitigate against a technologically advanced peer, and near peer adversaries, within a high threat, increasingly complex, ambiguous and hybrid operating environment. EEI APS can contribute to the mitigation of current and future threats to your organisation.

Moreover, our experts can work with you to inform future requirements and provide a capability for employment throughout the spectrum of security operations within the complex air ground environment.

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Project centurion overwatch

Centurion Overwatch (CO) comprises SMEs with extensive asset protection, security, and UAS knowledge and experience within the Private and Commercial sector.

CO bridges the gap between ground and air Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) methods, reducing risk to life, resources and cost. Whilst, enhancing SA to your work force through rapid dissemination of ground truth and mission critical information via secure means. CO is adaptable, delivering several tiers of packages dependant on client needs. It has the flexibility to adapt to changes in threats, resources, and cost.

A unique solution due to the operational delivery conducted by personnel that are highly trained with years of experience and knowledge within this sector. CO packages range from consultancy and planning support, up to providing full turnkey enduring security and protection solutions.

UAS can be equipped with day and night cameras, enhancing current security static systems, providing sustainable airborne surveillance. The cameras will be able to record for evidence collection and accountability. Our tiered package enables the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the situation, threat, and customer’s needs.

CO employs the Situation Crime Prevention (SCP) approach to risk mitigation which incorporates both; routine activity theory & crime pattern theory and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CO also utilises the SARA dynamic risk assessing model. These procedures emphasise a layered approach to security planning and risk mitigation. Supported by organic, agnostic UAS technology, providing unique timely ISR, enabling SME ground analysis with the ability to inform other assets around the globe through secure means.

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